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Read a Book Press is proud to offer Marriage Enrichment programs by Rita Boeke and Robert Boeke.


Bob & Rita Boeke have been married for 44 years and have presented retreats, workshops and programs supporting marriages since 1974.  They have authored a book for married couples and offer programs to enrich the marriages of couples of all ages and number of years married.  Bob & Rita approach marriage from the Catholic sacramental tradition, but couples of any religious perspective or no religious practice will find their programs helpful and uplifting.
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Forever and a Day Workshop

The Forever and a Day Workshop provides a day for couples to find their own experience in Bob & Rita’s stories of their marriage.  Couples have the opportunity to discuss ideas and feelings with each other and with other couples.  They laugh with Bob & Rita at the humor that is found in a great marriage and learn to laugh at themselves while discovering a serious dimension behind the humor.  Couples leave the workshop smiling, but looking forward to discussions in depth about issues that are important to them.


Evening Programs

The Difference a Sacrament Makes The American Bishops’ 2009 pastoral letter: Marriage: Love and Life in the Divine Plan contains many insights into the beauty and value of the Sacrament of Marriage. Rita and Bob translate the theological language of the letter, into words that make clear the profound effect their Sacrament can have on the daily lives of married couples. Their stories, serious, inspiring and filled with humor, lead couples to an appreciation of the value of their Sacrament to their marriage, their family and the world.

Aging Joyfully Together is a program for couples who are nearing retirement or recently retired.  It explores issues and helps couples to begin the discussions needed to retire with confidence and a common vision.  Bob & Rita are recently retired and approach the subject with their usual humor and wisdom.

Couple Prayer is an often-requested topic.  While there are many books on the subject, Rita and Bob take couples through an experience of several forms of prayer that make up the richness of prayer in the Catholic tradition.  This evening helps couples to discover styles of prayer that will enhance their marriage.

Facing the Challenges of Money addresses a major source of tension in a marriage.  In this evening Bob and Rita guide couples in an exploration of the effects of their families and economic histories in the way they approach making, saving and spending money.  Couples find that understanding their personal histories can ease tensions and even bring humor into the subject.


Expectations in a relationship usually become an issue when they are unfulfilled and may lead to conflict.  Rita and Bob help couples to recognize and identify expectations that are not being met and provide techniques for working through issues or keeping them from arising.  Couples attending their workshops often cite this subject as one of the most useful to them.


High School Groups

Rita and Bob’s high school teaching experience gives them an edge in working with High School Groups.  Students from a wide variety of backgrounds and family experiences benefit from Bob and Rita’s positive view of marriage and their comfort in discussing any topic.  Covered topics include romance, infatuation, chastity, commitment and topics from student questions. This program provides a good supplement to any course that has a section on marriage and family.

Forever and a Day: An Invitation to Create a Marriage that Lasts a Lifetime

Rita and Bob share many stories from their marriage in their book, Forever and a Day:  An Invitation to Create a Marriage that Lasts a Lifetime. Their stories contain humor and affection as well as serious lessons from their life together. Each chapter ends with Hints, Tips and Things We Learned Along the Way as well as Questions to Help Guide Your Discussion/Dialogue.  Engaged couples, newlyweds and couples married a few to many years have found Forever and a Day a great stimulus for discussion in their marriages.  The book can also be used in group settings.  Available on –  Try the See Inside feature.  Forever and a Day was Book of the Month on in December 2009.  Read a review on the site.  Now available for Kindle and Nook.

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